5 Reasons to Retire in Delray Beach

We all get older; there’s no way around it. The good news is you can choose what to do with yourself and your time, especially when you reach retirement. The kids are afloat and have their own families, and you don’t feel like working so hard for a great quality of life that you’ve earned – that you deserve.  So, now it’s time to pick a new place that suits your preferred way of life. More good news–  it’s all right here in Delray Beach. There are so many reasons to retire in Delray Beach, and New Harbor Realty is here to tell you about them

Delray Beach is situated only an hour away from Miami, yet this “village by the sea,” as it’s famously called, gives the exact opposite of a busy, bustling city vibe. That’s not to say that this town doesn’t have its fair share of activity, however. Sometimes, events have to be rescheduled or relocated because there’s simply too much going on in this quaint beach town. One of the reasons to retire in Delray Beach, right off the bat, is that this small place has the calm of a tropical getaway, with the sophistication and culture of a big-time city. But more on that later.

Marc Jablon at New Harbor Realty has got your retirement interests in mind. So, stay tuned, because the last topic on our list is perhaps the most important of all the following five reasons to retire in Delray Beach:


1. The Art and Culture

DELRAY BEACH is celebrated for being host to many annual festivals, concerts, and art fairs. There is the Delray Beach Wine and Seafood Festival, Garlic Fest, and the Delray Affair, to name just a few. Something is happening, any time of year. During the holidays, be sure not to miss the famous 100-feet-tall Christmas tree right in the center of downtown.

Moreover, Delray Beach promotes local artists. If you have an affinity for the arts or a special talent you’re hoping to one day display, be it crafting or music, Delray is just the city to help get you started on promoting your long-term hobby. Local and lesser-known artists are constantly featured in events that take place in the downtown area, Atlantic Ave.

If you’re craving some culture without the event crowd, you’ll never drive too far before seeing a quaint museum to duck into. Downtown is loaded with them, with the Blue Gallery and Cornell Art Museum (just to name a few that you’ll pass on your walk down the Ave) but there is also the famous MORIKAMI GARDENS AND MUSEUM on the West side of town.


2. Active Adult Communities

Looking for that luxury lifestyle without all the hassle that goes with maintaining it? Then retiring in Delray Beach is for you. There are numerous 55+ active adult communities in this city. All are fairly close to the vibrant Atlantic Avenue, shopping, food, the beach, and other features that Delray has to offer.

Delray’s Active Adult neighborhoods cater to all tastes, from athletic to relaxed to artistic, and everything in between. Many of these neighborhoods are gated and include a country club-style clubhouse, gym, pool, sauna, tennis court, theatre, and more. Huntington Pointe, Huntington Lakes, Vilaggio Reserve, Kings Pointe, Valencia Palms, are among the well-known names of communities in the area.

These active adult homes bring retirees here in droves, so you’ll always find neighbors with interests similar to yours. Most of the units have at least 2 bedrooms and 2 baths, so there is always room for guests and family to visit comfortably.


3. Year-Round Golf 

Golf ball on tee in front of driver

In Delray Beach, golf and almost every kind of outdoor activity is year-round. South Florida is known for its warm winters and longer hours of sunshine. There are twenty-one golf courses in Delray Beach, alone. There are also plenty of others in the neighboring city of Boca Raton, so there are endless options of where to spend your day teeing-off.

The most popular golf courses are in Lakeview Golf Club, Delray Beach Golf Club, and Gulf Stream Golf Club. Delray Beach Golf Club features a nine-hole course open to the public, which was created by the well-known Donald Ross. Gulf Stream attracts players for its beach-side location.


4. Endless Beach

Speaking of beach views, this is another one reason to retire to Delray Beach. Sea breezes have proven to be beneficial for lung health. So get out to the shoreline, take a deep breath, and be excited that your home is less than 30 minutes away once you’re ready for that post-sun nap.

One great beach to explore is in Atlantic Dunes Park- a section of beach to sunbathe, walk, swim, or just enjoy the view. Be sure to also check out Anchor Park and Gulfstream Park. They are both near the excitement of the downtown Atlantic Avenue area. While you’re downtown, just walk right over the bridge to the Delray Municipal Beach. On the way to the municipal beach is the endless, famous avenue of shopping, restaurants, and coffee shops.

Atlantic Ocean waters are known for being bright blue year-round, and having ice cream within walking distance of the beach doesn’t hurt, either. The family will surely visit this warm, dreamy city, where they can take a load off and enjoy the beach any time of year, right along with you.


5. Location, Location, Location     (…Location)

West Palm Beach, Florida, USA downtown over the intracoastal waterway.

And the most important reason to retire to Delray Beach is (you guessed it) location. Delray Beach is in the perfect spot because it’s right near absolutely everything. It’s half an hour to West Palm Beach airport and City Place, and just over that to get to Fort Lauderdale (both city and airport). Also, it’s less than one hour from Miami. After your long, loud, busy day in that city, you can drive less than an hour to the “Village by the Sea” for some peace and quiet.

Delray Beach is located right between Boca Raton and Boynton Beach, which are cities you’ll find yourself going to quite often. Things to do are endless because of Delray’s proximity to everywhere exciting in South Florida.

An added bonus is that you’re less than a three hours’ drive from some of the most famous amusement parks in the world: Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure, Sea World, and more. So, there’s even more incentive for your family to visit you in your Delray Beach retirement community.


Why are we telling you this?

We think you will be beyond satisfied with life in Delray Beach- whether you’re in a luxury Active Adult Community, a townhouse in the center of town, or a pet-friendly beach condo. So, grab your towel, grab your golf clubs, and move on down to paradise.

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New Harbor Realty


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