Four Ways to Get the Best Offer for Your Pet-Friendly Condo

Do you remember the headache of searching for a pet-friendly, luxury condo?

Congratulations. It’s time for the payoff.

While it was probably a frustrating journey to find the perfect place for you and your four-legged family members, now that you’re selling, you’re actually at an advantage.

All the obstacles you found as a buyer will now help bring top dollar for your pet-friendly condo in South Florida. But only if you help buyers find your property and sell it in the right light.

Here are four quick tips to help you get the most for your highly desirable condo.

Emphasize pet-friendly aspects in your listing.

Your Condominium Owners Association could be so friendly toward pets that it seems like they prefer furry residents over the humans who actually pay the dues. But if that isn’t clear in your listing, the buyer will never know.

What details should you include? As many as possible, especially if your COA has generous restrictions. Instead of leaving it at “pet-friendly,” dive into the specifics.

Talk about multiple pets and weight restrictions (or lack of them)

Allowing a dog is a good start, but does your COA allow multiple pets? Many associations restrict the number of pets to one or two. If yours allows three or more pets, be sure to mention that. Even if you don’t have three pets, imagine the frustration of finding a home for them if you did.

You will want to note weight restrictions as well. It’s great if your COA welcomes pets, but if they restrict the weight to 50 pounds or under, it doesn’t help a buyer with a great dane. If, on the other hand, you have a high weight limit, your condo just became more appealing in the eyes of the buyers with large dogs.

Highlight nearby amenities with photos.

In addition to details about restrictions, be sure to note any pet-friendly amenities for your condo. If you’re pitching your place as perfect for dog owners, mention nearby dog parks. Highlight any walking paths that are great for dogs. Just tell the buyer all the reasons your dog or cat loves living there.

Make sure your photos feature pets.

Descriptions go a long way to address a buyer’s concerns, but photos are what get them to come look at your property.

With that in mind, be sure that your photos have pets in them. This is especially important for exterior photos. If you want your potential buyers to be able to imagine themselves at your condo, they need to see pets around the property.

So share photos of residents walking their dogs. Show cats lounging around on patios. Do what you can to emphasize the idea that happy here with their human counterparts.

Make sure your Realtor specializes in pet-friendly listings.

Selling a pet-friendly property isn’t complicated, but there is plenty of room for making mistakes. And mistakes cost you money.

Some real estate agents don’t realize how much of a perk a pet-friendly status is for a condo in South Florida. Others don’t really understand how frustrating a condo search can be for pet owners.

You’ll want to find an agent who understands both condos and pets, from the buying and selling side.

Make sure your condo doesn’t smell “pet-friendly.”

Here’s the only real downside. Selling a home when you have a pet to think about can be a bit more work and a touch more stressful.

If your condo smells like it’s the home for three large dogs, that isn’t a selling point. Or if buyers have to listen to your pets whine the entire time they’re viewing your home, that doesn’t help your bottom line either.

So be sure to take steps to get your condo extra clean. Don’t leave your pets at home during showings. And make sure any minor damage they have caused is repaired before you list.


Ultimately, you want to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. You know the challenges a pet owner faces when searching for a nice place that doesn’t treat your pet as a nuisance.

Focus on selling your place to the pet lovers, even if you don’t currently have a pet. Most buyers won’t need a condo with limited pet restrictions. But you aren’t selling to everyone. You’re making sure the pet lovers know what your home can offer. If you do that, your place will sell itself.

To ensure that you’re taking all the right steps, contact the Jablon Team at New Harbor Realty. We’re pet-friendly specialists, and we can walk you through the process.